What activities are the best fit for highly immersive virtual worlds?

Lindy McKeown (this wiki's manager) distilled a list of roles for virtual worlds in education (More detailed page available) and a blog post. These are
  • Content
  • Context
  • Community
  • Location
  • Material
  • Combinations of these

Many activities can be done in highly immersive environments but the complexity is not really required for sucess.

Some learning activities "fit" highly immersive 3D worlds (like Second Life or OpenSim) because they depend on 3D. These include:
  • training simulations
  • some business activity rehearsal (practice real tasks)
  • collaborative prototyping
  • 3D data visualization
  • remote facility operations
  • collaborative meetings

The most common events that are suited to "light immersive" environments (like VenueGen, InXpo, ON24, Unisfair) are:
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • office hours
  • lectures

Initial list can be found in a blog post by Erica Driver from Thinkbalm.