Technical reference sites, forums and email lists about virtual worlds.

OpenSim Help

Network Systems Laboratory of TUIS (Japanese) OpenSim forums
OpenSim email lists including OpenSim Users and OpenSim Dev
The help centre from Metaverse Heroes has lots of helpful advice like how to transfer content from Second Life to OpenSim.
The OS Grid also has a technical support forum and several other forums that may be useful.

OpenSim Technical Developments of interest to educators

1000+ avatars on a single sim
Running OpenSim on a USB memory stick by Roger Stack shows how to make a stand alone instance of OpenSim on a USB stick. This could be useful for:
  • Training and workshops when you can't access a grid form the site of the workshop.
  • Students for practice as you can upload your sims on this using the OpenSim Archive (OAR) file.
  • Students or staff building offline, this time with them saving as an OARfile and uploading to the school grid when done.

Tutorials for Second Life

How to make and do almost anything in Second Life from SLTutorials.
Optimising the Second Life Viewer on less capable computers.

Second Life

Second Life Grid Status Reports
Second Life blogs
Second Life wiki
How to make Bots