Software for building in 3D


For Unity 3D you need files in COLLADA Format. There is a plug-in for Blender.

Exporting Blender Models

Google SketchUp

Bryce 3D

Building tools for Open Wonderland

From Nicole Yankelovich in the Immersive Education Google Group
SketchUp, also a free program, is much more accessible than Blender. I have taught quite a few upper elementary and middle school kids to use it in a very short time. To get SketchUp models into Open Wonderland, simply save them in the Google Earth (.kmz) format and drag and drop them into the world. Particularly if you have students learning photography, it is quite easy to convert photos into textures and apply them to the SketchUp 3D models. Here are two tutorials that describe how to use SketchUp models to create a world and how to use photos with SketchUp to create high-quality 3D objects:

Building an Open Wonderland World From Scratch

Creating and Importing Artwork for Non-Artists

On the Alice front, you can drag and drop Alice animations into Wonderland after installing this module:

Here's a blog post about a project called WonderSchool where they use the Wonderland application sharing ability to run the Alice programming environment in-world so kids can collaborating remotely on writing the animations: