Orientation for new staff and students in your virtual world is an important step and stimulates a lot of questions about the "right" way. From my investigations one size does not fit all.

Questions buzzing around in my head as I plan for orientation relate to the following options and choices. How do we cater for different teachers and students and how they will begin their journey in virtual worlds?
  • Self paced training area
  • Event you do with your class or they do alone or in groups
  • Which viewer do you base the signs and notecards on? (Stnadardize or multiple versions?)
  • Web based before entry

  • Text, notecards, HUDs, video in world?
  • Web based video, wiki, text?
  • Cheat sheet they print and use as reference?
  • For visually or hearing impaired
  • For different learning styles

The content for this page is currently getting some deep thought and investigation.
At present see my notes from the HyperGrid Adventurer's Club meeting and tour of orientation areas.

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