Making music in virtual worlds

There is an global authentic audience waiting in virtual worlds to hear your students sing, play and DJ. Students can get a lot of air time, audience feed back, fans and even earn tips or payment for gigs in some virtual worlds especially Second Life. Musicians of many genres use Second Life as a performance space with over 3500 venues available. It provides student musicians with:
  • performance experience
  • a global audience
  • a community of musicians
  • a community of fans
  • integration with web sites
  • sales of their recordings
  • tips both monetary and about the business
  • exposure to talent scouts
  • fun and camaraderie
  • models and mentors
  • technical knowledge

There is also a vast amount of DJ work, yes paid work, in Second Life. (Note: Copyright applies to this method of broadcasting.)

See this great video showing various components of running a concert in Second Life by some students at Melbourne Grammar School.

There is a lot of help for performers on how to stream music into Second Life. With technical how-to information for all platforms

Music and singing is "streamed" into Second Life to venues such as clubs, parks and functions. Venues often provide the streaming service but there is also the ability to rent your own server for a very affordable rate per event or by the month.

Stories about performers include: