German language learning

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There are many opportunities for students to use virtual worlds to enhance their German language fluency and to experience German culture in virtual worlds. In Second Life there is a large German speaking community and lots of places with a German flavour. Several German cities have been created in Second Life to replicate some of the notable architecture. There are also historical recreations of Germany in the 1920s. There are some university locations made by German universities. Sometimes the social areas made by the general public are incredibly useful as you get a diverse range of shops, venues, architecture and artefacts.

Links to resources

The Goethe Institut uses Second Life has scheduled German classes in Second Life. You can subscribe to the Goethe Institut newsletter about their use of Second Life.

Groups in Second Life

There is a reference in the Second Life wiki to the German speaking linguists group in Second Life who have a group of the same name that you can join in Second Life. They are working on translating all the English resources about Second Life into German. This could be a project for your students.


Photos coming here of German locations in Second Life.