English language learning

(not English literature)

English Language Learning at the University of Southern Queensland:

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Australia has been using Second Life with on-campus students from Asian countries who are learning English by immersion. In the business English course, a building in Second Life simulates an office that is used for role play and practice. A series of practice pods allow pairs of students to practice before they role play in front of their peers.

The British Council

In Second Life, the British Council Isles, 3 sims which have been transferred from the Teen Grid, have spaces set up for role-playing, language learning quests (self-access games) based on UK legends such as Robin Hood and King Arthur, puzzles and fun activities (check out English using SMS in the mobile shop) and much more. Run by Graham Stanley (SL: Baldric Commons)
http://maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/BritishCouncil% 20Isle/232/125/40