Models of environments are used for simulation, testing plans and designs.
  • Ketchikan Dry Dock project (closed sim)

Training in Requirements Engineering Game (TREG) is a game that simulates various activities in software requirements workshop. The trainee interacts with Non-Player Characters and according to the trainee’s choice the game reenacts a specific scenario.
The social simulation in the game is based on the branching stories genre. Each branching node is described using a scenario-based template. The dynamical perspective is modeled using UML Diagrams.
The game was prototyped in Second Life, a virtual world that gives the possibility to create an immersive collaborative educational experience.

University of Ulster

Engineering education using SLoodle with Second Life on Engineering Island and OpenSim
Video collection

Collaboratively programming robots in virtual spaces to support Japan Recovery.

Dr. Michael Vallance, Future University Hakodate, From their website...
"Since 2008 we have been researching the programming of LEGO Mindstorms robots by students located in Japan and UK. Students have been communicating in a virtual world; initially we used Second Life but now we have our own open source, OpenSim virtual space). The collaboration has been funded by the UK Prime Minister’s science initiative (named PMI2) and Japan’s JAIST (named kakenhi). We adopt a learner -centred design approach where students support researchers in iteratively developing unique tools in-world for virtual collaboration. The communication task outcomes are the successful programming of LEGO robots to follow pre-defined circuits."