Business Education in virtual worlds:

  • Dr. Steven Hornik, University of Central Florida, Dixon School of Accounting ReallyEngagingAccounting Island
  • The University of Idaho College of Business and Economics teaches introductory financial accounting, introductory managerial accounting and fraud examination in our virtual Albertson Building in Second Life.
  • Southern Cross University, Australia - accounting (Closed to the public). Contact Allan Ellis SCU Press Release. SCU space built by Top Dingo.
  • Swinburne University, Australia has a wiki about their Business School in Second Life
  • Indiana University has three islands: 1 for Kelley Business School Executive Partners which is an Exec Ed program, 1 for Kelley School of Business Indianapolis and one for IU as a whole. Peggy Daniels Lee, Ph.D. (SL: Linda Sautereau), Estate Manager, Kelley School of Business Indianapolis Virtual Campus in Second Life.

  • North Carolina State University's Accounting Department in concert with Ernst & Young have a build that allows a visitor to learn about the history of money and accounting, the beer distribution game (used to illustrate systems dynamics) and E&Y uses SL to train new auditors.


Article Real Learning in a Virtual World: Incorporating Second Life in a Professional Communications Course by Susan Oaks