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Terra incognita sculptures:
There are a series of 4 horse "sculptures" on Terra Incognita in Spotter Square. Head to
and take the ramp to Spotter Square. They have been used by various art schools over the past few years.
The first is two horses fighting (The Struggle for Dominance), the second is a horse with a particle mane and tail (The Proud One), the third is a mechanical wire frame horse (Mechanus Equus) and the fourth (red) one is The Nightmare. All by Cynibal Corleone (best viewed at High Quality not Ultra as they are done in full shine black which in the newer, ultra setting loses the muscle definition. On the way to the square you'll also see an amazing particle effect ball sculpture that is quite spectacular by Arcanus Projects.
Pics here

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Dramatic performance is possible using avatars.